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About us:

Making sense of and dealing with vast amounts of data and information and transforming them into useful and applicable knowledge has become a key challenge in the post-information age. “Big data”, “information retrieval” or “knowledge representation” are major issues and challenges for political, economic or societal actors.

J.B.L. tackles these challenges by applying four basic concepts summed up in the KUk-Approach (Known/Unknown-Approach):

The Known Known (what we know we know)

Conceptualise the pathway from data to information to knowledge to understanding and wisdom. Find the patterns and structures that make knowledge we have accessible and useful. Keep knowledge within an organisation or company despite changes, interruptions of fluctuations. Understand issues beyond a mere rationale by looking at attitudes, opinions and moods.

The Known Unknown (what we know we don´t know)

Prepare for future risks and probabilities, approximate uncertainty and come up with reliable and serious predictions. Study X-events or use empirical research tools to determine probabilities. Look beyond traditional boundaries of perception and understanding to locate and make sense of that known unknown.

The Unknow Known (what we don´t know we know)

Use strategies and techniques to dig out what we have not realised we know (and have data and information about). Unearth knowledge by disovering new perspectives of analysis. Cross the borders of the various academic disciplines and use our multidisciplinary approach to come up with new combinations of data and information that help you discover knowledge that is already here.

The Unknown Unknown (what we don´t know we don´t know)

Explore the oceans of human perception. Use methods from complexity science or resilience management to pioneer and discover. Be at the edge of new knowledge to be translated into a competitive advantage for your organisation or business.

To learn more about the specific tools and methods we use, our areas of operation and fields of specialisation, please do contact us:

J.B.L. Knowledge Management and Consulting Ltd.
Dr. Alexander Janda, CEO

see: www.jbl-consult.eu
mail: office@jbl-consult.eu
phone: 0043-1-9427950
meet: J.B.L. is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. We do service our clients around the globe.