What we do

The Details

J.B.L focuses on the above-mentioned areas and competencies. In Technology, Innovation & Research we support our customers in identifying topics, tools and partners for innovation and research projects. We do focus on bringing stakeholders and partners from both the public and the private sector and create an added—value for all parties participating. Our emphasis is on then transferring the research into procurement and market strategies. Our Security Policy engagement targets challenges within what is commonly referred to as internal security. We do look at strategies and stakeholder dialogues to foster awareness, cooperation and joint actions plans. We do look at topics ranging from cyber security to radicalization and criminology. Our Risk Management portfolio includes the identification of risks based on a network of national and international research partners, the design of risk studies and the implementation of risk management strategies. In Education&Training we help design curricula for our customers qualification and skill needs, support the design of e-/m-learning platforms and manage evaluation and certification processes.

We do not offer lobbying support or sales/distribution services.

How we do it

The Facts

Projects and strategies often fail not for a lack of commitment or expertise, but for not integration stakeholder´s needs, concerns and hidden agendas. Therefor, we see Stakeholder Management as a key to bringing content and expertise into the framework of stakeholder´s mindsets, needs and goals. The latin term “consultare” has become one of the most overpopularized term used in business today. Our understanding of “consulting” focuses on the original meaning of that term: to consider, to weigh, to ask for advice and to take care of. Find out, how we do that! Project design & implementation is another way we respond to our customers needs. We can help transform your vision or idea into a feasible project with clear-cut targets, achievements and evaluation tools. Managing a project involves the integration of sometimes conflicting actors and interests. We therefor put our emphasis on transparent reporting and evaluation tools that make your project achieve its´ goals in time. Networks have penetrated all layers of our social, political and economic life. Using unique architecture, finding their hubs and interconnections and capitalizing on their strengths is what we aspire to. Market exploration is a way to understand the specifics of target market, avoid expensive misconceptions of distribution and sales channels and prepare as best-as-possible for a successful market entry.

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Who does it

J.B.L.-CEO Dr. Alexander Janda is a political scientist (University of Vienna, University of California in Los Angeles) with a long career in political consulting, research, teaching and management in the non-profit sector and private sector. He serves on boards and in committees for institutions and organizations ranging from internal security to research, technology and education. A list of specific references is available upon request.

The J.B.L. team includes senior managers with extensive experience in technology, legal expertise and project management.